Restoration & Repair

Restoration & Repair

Restoration & Repair
  • Case Binding, Arbelave Buckram of your choice
  • French Joint, Arbelave Buckram of your choice
  • Leather Bound, your choice of type and style
  • Choice of Full, Quarter or Half Bound Covering Styles
  • Gold Finishing & Embossing available on request
  • Cost of restoration & repair dependent on amount of work required
  • Quick quotation available via email or in person

Product code: REST

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"Thank you for your skilled work on this book. It has been a pleasure to watch it happen and to participate. Better to see it placed in such safe hands for repair and restoration."

The Geology Of Tasmania, Circa 1888

(Repair & Restoration)

"I am extreamly happy, thank you very much for taking great care."

Zen In The Martial Arts, Circa 1982

(Repair & Rebind)

Case study of 19th century Bible, a restoration in progress.